Norwegian-Danish film dissemination cooperation

On April 26, representatives from the Norwegian and Danish film institutes visited Kristiansand to meet us at Norgesfilm. We discussed exciting opportunities for cooperation in digital film dissemination to children and young people across national borders. 

The picture shows staff from the Danish Film Institute (DFI), the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) and Norgesfilm (NF) at the top of Odderøya in Kristiansand. From left to right: Martin Schantz Faurholt (DFI), Lisbeth Juhl Sibbesen (DFI), Jens Nielsen Gram (DFI), Tina Andersson (NF), Marianne Hjerpseth (NFI), Anders Koppang-Grønn (NF), Berit Andersen (NFI) and Helene Retzius (NF).

The aim of the meeting was, among other things, to look at the possibility of exchanging content and learning resources between the streaming services and, as well as to look at other potential areas of cooperation within film dissemination to children and young people in Norway and Denmark. Among the topics discussed were the translation of DFI's Filmleksikon into Norwegian and the possibility of using Norgesfilm's educational player on both Filmrommet and Filmcentralen.

The CEO of Norgesfilm, Anders Koppang-Grønn, says that the Kristiansand company has collaborated with both the Danish and Norwegian film institutes for a number of years on streaming service technology and film distribution.

- Based on our new cooperation agreement with NFI and thus an even closer cooperation in the future, it is natural to raise our eyes and together look at opportunities across national borders. Here lies an exciting potential to utilize each other's experience and expertise so that we can convey good film in an educational context to children and young people in an even better way in the future.

As Koppang-Grønn mentions, Norgesfilm has entered into a new cooperation agreement with the NFI. Over the next four years, the NFI and Norgesfilm will collaborate on film distribution via the streaming service, as well as the development of a new distribution service for school films.

- "We are very pleased with the meeting between the Danish Film Institute (DFI), us and Norgesfilm," says Marianne Hjerpseth, Head of Section for Participation and Arena at the NFI, "All three companies have a common goal of strengthening the educational dissemination work aimed at children and young people. The DFI has been working on this for a long time, and has a number of good learning resources and experiences we can harvest from. This is both inspiring and valuable in the further work to develop a comprehensive and good service for film dissemination in schools that Norgesfilm is now working on.

The Danish Film Institute has for many years distributed films to schools throughout Denmark via the streaming service More than 3,000 Danish short and documentary films, as well as a range of related teaching materials, are available for use by primary and secondary schools, and the service is continuously being developed.

Jens Nielsen Gram, Head of Department at DFI, says that DFI is now looking forward to expanding the Norwegian-Danish film dissemination cooperation: "At the Danish Film Institute, we have had a good cooperation with Norgesfilm for many years, and now we are looking forward to expanding the cooperation and looking at opportunities to develop the dissemination initiatives and bring the Nordic similarities and differences into play. And we look forward to sharing insights and experience about the children and young people target group.



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