About Norgesfilm

Streaming services (VOD) and film dissemination


Norgesfilm is a Nordic leading player in the development and delivery of streaming services for film. Our business idea is to be a preferred partner at the intersection of technology and film dissemination.

Through innovative streaming services, a highly skilled and motivated team, an international network and qualified partners, we will every day help simplifying and professionalizing our customers' work to make their films available to their target audience and assist in maximizing the value of the content.  

Our customers are in the private and public sector in the Nordic region and represent the library industry, the education sector, the professional film industry, media houses, the healthcare system and the cultural industry. Some customers use the streaming service we provide to them in training and education. Others operate with cultural and historical dissemination as their purpose, or they have purely commercial objectives. 

Interested in finding out how our streaming platforms can help you achieve the goals of your business? 

Some of our partners and customers


The Film & TV House

We are located in beautiful and scenic surroundings in the Film & TV House on the island of Odderøya in Kristiansand. With fellow film and TV companies, the sea entrance to the city, the adjacent fish market and the beach promenade in the immediate vicinity, we get extra inspiration to deliver outstanding streaming services to every customer and user.

Management team

Anders Koppang-Grønn

General Manager/ CEO

Tel: + 47 38 12 41 00
Mob: + 47 91 56 03 49
E-mail: anders[at]norgesfilm.no

Anne Cathrine Andersson

Editorial and marketing Manager/CMO

Tel: + 47 38 12 41 00
Mob: + 47 95 02 11 64
E-mail: anne.cathrine[at]norgesfilm.no

Roger Flatebø

Technical Manager / CTO

Tel: + 47 38 12 41 00
Mob: + 47 41 40 10 35
E-mail: roger [at] norgesfilm.no