Sapmifilm relaunched

On October 18th, the streaming service of the International Sami Film Institute (ISFI) was relaunched. The film service, which was developed by Norgesfilm, is now also available in Canada and Greenland, it has received a new design and the film catalog has been expanded to include several well-known Sami feature films. 

In the new edition of Sapmifilm, you can now rent Sami feature films such as Sami Blood, Pathfinder and The Kautokeino Rebellion.  In addition, you can subscribe to a unique collection of Sami short and documentary films, as well as films from other indigenous peoples, for only NOK 59 per month.

Previously, Sapmifilm was available in Norway, Sweden and Finland. In the new edition, audiences in Canada and Greenland can also stream films from Sapmifilm.


Screenshot from, 21.10.2022.


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