Norgesfilm customer with record year

The Danish library streaming service Filmstriben loaned a whopping 1.7 million films in 2020. This is an increase of 600 000 loans from the previous year. Filmstriben's technical solutions are provided by Norgesfilm.


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Filmstriben is the Danish Library Center (DBC) library streaming service and has been a customer of Norgesfilm for a number of years.

The danish libraries were out early and they have since 2009 been focusing on a fully digital film offering available to audiences from home, says Anders Koppang-Grønn, general manager of Norgesfilm. 


- During the corona age, libraries have been partially or completely closed, which naturally has major consequences for the public's access to physical media. The libraries have therefore worked extra hard to continue to ensure their relevance to the public. This has produced fantastic results where they succeed in reaching existing and new users every day through an attractive digital film offering, easily accessible to residents via their library loan card, Koppang-Grønn continues.

Norgesfilm provides the services to DBC for the operation and continuous further development of Filmstriben. This includes, among other things, platform for business logic, player player, streaming/distribution via CDN, security/ DRM, post-production (technical film preparation) and storage of all movies and app development for iOS, Android and AppleTV. 

Several Danish media have featured Filmstriben's record year, including

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