Sølvberget first out

Sølvberget library in Stavanger was the very first library to be associated with the Filmoteket. Magnus Cappelen, and the rest of the staff at Sølvberget, are very much looking forward to the libraries' new power service being launched this April.


Sølvberget focuses on film dissemination


Magnus Cappelen at Sølvberget library.

- Here in Stavanger, we have built up a fabulous physical film collection that we are proud of, says Magnus Cappelen who is a film advisor at Sølvberget library.

The digital media development over the last 10 years, on the other hand, has meant that large parts of the film-interested audience have moved to digital film offerings. Sølvberget is known for being at the forefront of digital library services. It was therefore good news when Norgesfilm contacted us and announced that they were developing a streaming service for libraries in Norway.

Sølvberget Library is now looking forward to the launch of Filmoteket. In this way, they can still convey a wide range of quality films out to the library's audience.

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