Norgesfilm takes over Viddla

Norgesfilm acquires the Swedish library streaming service Viddla from April 30, 2024. "With this acquisition, we strengthen our position as a leading player in streaming services in the Nordic region. We look forward to further developing Viddla for the benefit of Swedish libraries and their patrons.


Norgesfilm owns and operates several Norwegian streaming services, and has been responsible for the technical development and delivery of a number of streaming service platforms in the Nordic region. This makes us well equipped both technically and editorially to take over the ownership of Viddla.

- "Throughout Viddla's lifetime, Norgesfilm has been responsible for the technical operation of the service in close collaboration with BTJ. We are now very excited about the opportunity to further develop the service, both technically and in terms of content. We're also looking forward to building on all the good relationships with libraries and patrons that Viddla has in the Swedish library market. With our long experience and expertise in delivering similar library streaming services in Norway, Denmark and Finland, we are motivated and well equipped to take on the exciting tasks ahead of us with the Viddla acquisition," says Anders Koppang-Grønn, CEO of Norgesfilm.

Norgesfilm takes over Viddla from the Swedish company BTJ, which has provided services to libraries in Sweden for over 80 years. BTJ is convinced that Norgesfilm has the best conditions for success with Viddla. 

- "We are convinced that this will be best for Viddla and our partner distributors, as well as the service's affiliated libraries and their film-interested borrowers. Norgesfilm is a major player in film services in the Nordic region with the best prerequisites to refine Viddla," says Anette Grönroos, CEO of BTJ.

About Viddla

Viddla makes it very easy for Swedish citizens to borrow and watch movies digitally with their library card, anywhere and anytime, without having to visit the library. On Viddla, you can choose from over 2,000 Swedish, Nordic, European and international quality titles that appeal to children, young people, families, adults and seniors. The selection ranges from classics, adapted books, major Oscar winners to smaller films in the arthouse/independent category. 

The service is not a competitor, but a supplement to the major international commercial streaming services and offers hand-picked quality films that are not always easy to find elsewhere. Since the service is offered to the Swedish patrons in the same way as books, newspapers, e-audiobooks and other media, there is no cost to the patrons. The model thus helps to reduce economic differences and exclusion. At the same time, Viddla helps libraries to strengthen their position and become more relevant and attractive to their inhabitants by making them even more accessible where their patrons often are - on digital devices. 

In Norway, there is a similar service to Viddla, Filmoteket is also run by Norgesfilm and is available through libraries across the country.


Contact Norgesfilm


Anders Koppang-Grønn
General Manager/ CEO
Mob: + 47 91 56 03 49